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Changelog for build 2174

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New feature highlights:

  • INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE bindings and language features
  • JSONP-X feature (XML string as JSON result if format=xml and JSONP callback is specified)

Core table changes:

  • social.updates defaults to sorting updates by date (most recent first)

New core tables:

  • social.profile.status
  • social.connections.updates (efficiently gets updates for all connections)
  • flickr.photoset
  • geo.placemaker

Open Data Table schema changes

  • new “url” paging model
  • new “insert”,”update” and “delete” bindings
  • new “map” and “value” input key types

Execute changes

  • New methods on
    • post(content), post the value of content to the url.
    • put(content), put the value of the content to the url
    • del(), send delete http verb to the url (delete is a reserved word in JavaScript? so thats why this is del)
    • contentType(string), set the content type of the payload on content (e.g. application/json)
    • accept(string), set the accept http header to a mimetype, and tell YQL what we expect the response to contain (and how to parse it)

Bug fixes, including:

  • No microformats in a page handled better
  • Words like “Select” and “Desc” now acceptable in projection, where and function clauses
  • Map input type now works in “Select”
  • Query parameters on the console are now passed through to the YQL service
  • y.log response.object and native object fixes
  • Multiple open data table authors now shown in “desc”
  • Json table now accepts top-level arrays.
  • response.object can be appended
  • CSV parser handles commas inside quoted strings
  • Javascript array.toString() works better
  • response.headers returns headers correctly now
  • y.jsonToXml now accepts javascript objects and empty values encoded as NULL
  • multi-key joins key ordering fixed

Changelog for build 1678

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Bug fixes, including

  • URI Template Handler now supports multiple -neg variables.
  • Escaped values in literals such as ‘\\d’ are now correctly passed to YQL execute as ‘\d’
  • Fixed uritemplate table example
  • Better integration of Local Search: Added search parameters to local.seach namely listing_id, omit_category, minimum_rating, route and sort


  • YQL Execute: now parses HTML documents and returns an E4X object if the accept header is set to “text/html”.
  • YQL now supports the ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header for new Cross Domain XHR requests.
  • Introduced new URL based paging model to support services which return a link to the next page.

Changelog for build 1432

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Bug fixes, including

  • JSON and JSONP mimetypes now different/fixed.
  • fixed robots.txt evaluation bug
  • “NaN” value sorting bug fixed

Open Data Table schema changes

  • private open data table keys don’t have to be “const” and key name (not value) is displayed in “desc”
  • new “https=true” attribute on open data tables
  • new “variable” paramType for open data table input keys
  • new “execute” element: server-side javascript support

Core table changes

  • now has sort, is_commons and geo_context  parameters
  • search.web now has lang, region, site and abstractkey keys

New core tables

  • 16 new music APIs added
    • music.artist.popular
    • music.artist.similar
    • music.release.artist
    • music.release.popular
    • music.track.popular
  • term extractor
  • search.siteexplorer.pages
  • search.siteexplorer.inlinks
  • search.suggest
  • search.spelling
  • uritemplate (for creating URLs)


  • sub-selects now support “content” as projection field selector
  • console and web service now accessible over HTTPS

Changelog for build 911

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  • Console and web service now support an “env” query parameter. This is a url that points to an environment/shell file that YQL will load. Currently this enables multiple tables to be used at once.
  • “Use” table no longer requires the “as” clause. When “as” is absent it will default to the final path segment filename minus the extension. e.g. use 'http://somewhere/service.api.xml; select * from service.api;
  • Show tables now shows where the open data definition was defined
  • Desc table format tweaked
  • Open data table paging fixes, including better support for none paging but flexible result sized services and fixed page models. Moved “matrix” to the paging parent element.
  • Offset bug fixed in table(offset,number) processing

Changelog for build 822

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  • NOT LIKE added
  • MATCHES regex matching added
  • New USE verb for open data table importing
  • Support for open data table definitions

Changelog for 2009.01.12.16:11

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New tables

  • upcoming.user
  • microformats

Table updates

  • “location” key is now optional
  • mybloglog user by service
  • fixed typo in mybloglog.members.find
  • “charset” is now an optional key in html table, to enable developers to force a particular charset to be used when parsing the web page

Bug fixes, including:

  • more html and xhtml and i18n issues fixed for html table
  • subselect fix for optional keys


  • publiclyCallable element in diagnostics is set to true if the query can work across the public entrypoint
  • show tables response format changed

Note: future releases will more strictly apply robots.txt to html table fetches