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Run Yahoo! Pipes from YQL Execute

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We recently added a new YQL execute method: y.pipe(pipeid,params)

This method will allow you to run a Yahoo Pipe within a YQL execute statement.

Accepted Parameters:
pipeid (required string)
params (optional json object)

A response object that contains a result instance or an error object

Why would you want to do this?

1. Allows you to utilize all the benefits that a YQL execute statement gives you.
2. Higher rate limits! Benefit from YQL rate limits instead of Pipes (which is much lower).
3. Mash ups with other YQL tables
4. Extend your Pipe with server side javascripting


This is the Pipe that I want to run in YQL:

Here is a simple sample YQL table that uses y.pipe. You can create one too using the YQL Table Editor.

And this is the YQL Query I would run to access my example: use “store://HuTaxj5021R7THBitCNIcJ” as ypipe_example; select * from ypipe_example

(You could always extend the sample table to accept the pipeid or pipe params as a parameter via the input keys)

Currently YQL does not produce the output formats that Pipes does (RSS, KML, ICAL, CSV).

YQL will only currently produce XML, JSON, JSONP and JSONP-X output formats.

Job posting: Sr. Software Engineer – YQL

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The Yahoo! Query Language is an expressive SQL-like language that lets you query, filter, and join data across Web services. With YQL, apps run faster with fewer lines of code and a smaller network footprint. With YQL, developers can access and shape data across the Internet through one simple language, eliminating the need to learn how to call different APIs.

The YQL team is looking for a talented and enthusiastic software engineer who will work on extending the YQL platform. We’re looking for someone who can both solve day to day problems, work with other teams in Yahoo to use YQL, as well as bring their own ideas for further evolution of the product.

Please submit your resume at: yql-questions [at]

Job Responsibilities:

* Develop and maintain the YQL engine and platform, evolve architecture

* Strong ability to translate functional requirements into a technical design

* Strong analytical and problem-solving skills

* Excellent communication skills

* Highly motivated to be part of an innovative and talented team

Minimum Job Qualifications:

* 5+ years of software development experience, J2SE and J2EE hands-on development

* Ability to design, develop, test and deploy multi-tier and multi-threaded distributed applications

* Significant development experience in a *nix environment, debug and diagnose production issues

* Familiarity with a wide variety of software development methodologies, tools, languages and approaches

* Working knowledge of Web Services, Design Patterns, XML, RSS and other web data formats

* Extensive knowledge of core Java libraries, design patterns, JSP and servlets

Preferable Job Qualifications:

* BS/MS in Comp Science 5+ years of relevant industry experience

* Ability to build scalable/fault tolerant systems

* Knowledge of programming language design

* Experience creating Developer tools

* Familiarity with wide variety of web APIs

* Knowledge of server-side Javascript runtime environments

Please submit your resume at: yql-questions [at]