Support for round trip lossless JSON processing

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There have been many reports (and complaints) in the past about the YQL engine changing the structure of a JSON response from a downstream webservice as part of its processing before returning JSON output to the client.

This corruption of JSON response content would manifest itself in a number of ways: JSON numbers in the downstream response would be delivered as JSON strings to the client, and single-element JSON arrays converted to JSON objects, among others.

For example, "myint":[5] in the downstream response would be returned as "results":{"json":{"myint":"5"}} to the client.

Recent YQL releases have fixed these issues and now provide support for round trip lossless JSON processing. As we want to give developers sufficient time to take advantage of and adapt to this change, we have not yet enabled this feature by default. To enable it, simply append jsonCompat=new to your YQL query.

Please start experimenting with this new query parameter and give us feedback. Eventually, this feature will be enabled by default, but there will an announcement before we make the switch.