Changelog for build 17991

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New Feature Highlights

  • Streaming support (experimental) –
  • Making Asynchronous Calls with JavaScript Execute –
  • Query parameter added to support jsonCompat=new
  • Single-element JSON arrays are corrupted into JSON objects
  • Enable round trip lossless JSON processing
  • Added method support
  • Added support for “NOT IN” comparison operator
  • Improved CSV handling to cope with quotes according to RFC
  • Add decompress(true) on –“”).header(“Accept-Encoding”,”gzip”).decompress(true).get();
  • Added meta data from sub queries for yql.query.multi tables
  • Added .forceCharset(“foo”) on rest object –‘’).forceCharset(“ISO-8859-1″).get()
  • Added .fallbackCharset(“foo1”, “foo2”) on rest object –‘shift_jis, ISO-8859-1′).get().response;
  • Added native support json encode/decode – y.parseJson(“str”)

New core tables

  • feednormalizer

Other features

  • Support formatted output in y.log of native arrays


  • Return the html body in case of error (HTTP status like 400, 404 etc..)

Bug fixes, including

  • Table names that contain the word ‘matches’ fail
  • Setting no value on required key through function call should return error
  • Calling a non existing function should return error
  • Validate field in sort function – sort on valid field only
  • Matrix parameters in multiple paths are now properly handled
  • JSON numbers are corrupted into JSON strings
  • y.exit() in included JS causes uncaught ExitException
  • Charset parameter in html table not working