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Changelog for build 6122

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New Feature Highlights:

  • new <meta> element in YQL response envelope returns information “about” the result list
  • table – access the social updates firehose
  • changes to environment feature and capabilities
    • new “env” statement. You can now load envs using the “env” statement as part of the regular YQL syntax.
    • “env”s may now be nested – you can include one env from another
    • “sets” on one environment do NOT apply to any other, unless the environment is nested

New core tables

  • yql.table.desc, yql.table.list and yql.tables tables (reflect on the available YQL tables)

Other features

  • show tables now reports the security required to use the table
  • desc <table> now works for all tables irrespective of security or connection restrictions (https) on tables

<execute> changes

  • added response.meta to enable <meta> element to be set on the response object
  • added forceCharset(String charset) to request/ as a way of overriding the return contentType charset.

Bug fixes, including:

  • fixed debug=true always reported the method as GET in network dump
  • including a store:// url in execute y.include intermittently caused no results to be returned – fix
  • yahoo:uri is no longer in the response envelope
  • yahoo.identity fixed