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Changelog for build 3013

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New feature highlights:

  • set verb for configuring static variables
  • tables for storing tables, environments and more in YQL itself
  • debug mode for table development (debug=true)
  • multiple environment support

Core table changes:

  • update for geo.placemaker table
  • social.connections.updates results are sorted by date similar to social.updates
  • csv table now has a charset key (if the source doesn’t provide one this can be used instead of the utf-8 default)

New core tables:

  • meme.*

Open Data Table schema changes

  • input key “as” attribute for renaming parameters

Execute changes

  • y.env function so you can load up enviroments inside a YQL execute element.
  • y.crypto, for cryptographic signing
  • y.context (single value, table, contains the name used by the executor of this table)

Bug fixes, including:

  • xpath and multiple IN url selects on HTML page no longer fails
  • table name is now present in execute
  • sanitize() can now take no params
  • workaround to ruby/github client-ip bug
  • update query without where clause returns error message instead return null
  • const key values are no longer mutable by the keys in the YQL query
  • add client-ip to outgoing header based on incoming authenticated IP address
  • @variables other than urls now work on data tables
  • trim whitespace around json responses to parse better (fixes itunes issue)
  • post method reverse(field=”id”) displays correct method name in error message
  • User-Agent sent via HTML fetches through YQL should indicate Yahoo Pipes 2.0 (now uses: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Yahoo Pipes 2.0; + Gecko/20090729 Firefox/3.5.2)