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Changelog for build 2174

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New feature highlights:

  • INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE bindings and language features
  • JSONP-X feature (XML string as JSON result if format=xml and JSONP callback is specified)

Core table changes:

  • social.updates defaults to sorting updates by date (most recent first)

New core tables:

  • social.profile.status
  • social.connections.updates (efficiently gets updates for all connections)
  • flickr.photoset
  • geo.placemaker

Open Data Table schema changes

  • new “url” paging model
  • new “insert”,”update” and “delete” bindings
  • new “map” and “value” input key types

Execute changes

  • New methods on
    • post(content), post the value of content to the url.
    • put(content), put the value of the content to the url
    • del(), send delete http verb to the url (delete is a reserved word in JavaScript? so thats why this is del)
    • contentType(string), set the content type of the payload on content (e.g. application/json)
    • accept(string), set the accept http header to a mimetype, and tell YQL what we expect the response to contain (and how to parse it)

Bug fixes, including:

  • No microformats in a page handled better
  • Words like “Select” and “Desc” now acceptable in projection, where and function clauses
  • Map input type now works in “Select”
  • Query parameters on the console are now passed through to the YQL service
  • y.log response.object and native object fixes
  • Multiple open data table authors now shown in “desc”
  • Json table now accepts top-level arrays.
  • response.object can be appended
  • CSV parser handles commas inside quoted strings
  • Javascript array.toString() works better
  • response.headers returns headers correctly now
  • y.jsonToXml now accepts javascript objects and empty values encoded as NULL
  • multi-key joins key ordering fixed